Stromček | terms of use
ŠTROMČEK sustav je prvi javni servis za prijevoz biciklima u Gradu Čakovcu. Možete ga koristiti na području Grada Čakovca.
Štromček, električni bicikli Čakovec
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terms of use

What does the ŠTROMČEK service stand for?

The ŠTROMČEK system is the first public service for bike transport in the City of Čakovec. It can be used in the area of the City of Čakovec.

By registering and signing a contract you receive a customer card for using public bicycles.
Contracts may be concluded with the GP Ekom d.o.o. system manager, Športska 2, Čakovec, at the reception of the “Marija Ružić” City Pool in the period from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

A customer card issuing fee is 50 Kuna.

The ŠTROMČEK system can be used on a daily basis, 7 days a week, between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. The bicycle usage is limited to 90 minutes and then the bike is to be returned to the stand. After the bike has been returned, it can be reused.


ŠTROMČEK does not guarantee its users that there will be a bike available at all times (according to the wishes of the user), nor does it guarantee an empty stand for its return. In case there isn’t any bicycle or a stand, the user can hire a bike at the next station with available bikes and is required to return it to the next station with available stands. Users can find information about the available bicycles and stands at each station.


Bike hire conditions

Every person older than 16 with a valid identity card and that has signed a hire contract with the Manager of the Štromček system can hire a bike. In case of minors the hire contract should be approved by their legal representative.
Bicycle hires from the Štromček system will be possible from April 01. 2016 to October 01. 2016. from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Does the Štromček service have any sort of insurance?

Users use bikes at their own risk. The user assumes full responsibility for the caused damage. This also applies to the complaints of third parties but it does not affect requests for damage compensation. The user is responsible for all additional damages and expenses that may arise in the event that he does not cooperate with the investigation team in determining the damage and in searching for the perpetrator.
The Štromček system Manager is not responsible for the user’s belongings transported in the basket.


What is the age limit for using the service?

The service is allowed to persons over the age of 16.
The service usage is not permitted to persons under the age of 16 years (unless they are accompanied by an adult who has hired a bike. In this case, an adult takes full responsibility for the actions and any damages that may occur during the service usage by a minor).


The use of protective helmets

ŠTOMČEK recommends the usage of protective helmets, while children under the age of 16 are required to use a protective helmet.


How can I know if I have returned a bike properly?

The lock icon on the parking stand shows that the bike has been properly returned.


What should I do if a bike cannot be attached to the parking stand?

Try the procedure again on another stand.
Place the bike into the stand and wait for a beep. If the parking is successful, a closed lock symbol should appear on the stand. In case the symbol does not appear, or should the X symbol appear instead, call the phone number 040 328 210 or 099 732 9080.
For emergency calls dial the number 099 732 9080.


Can I hire a couple of bikes at the same time?

No, you can only hire one bike with your card.


What do I do if I have returned the bike and I cannot take another one?

You may not have properly locked a bike. Make sure that the parking indicator shows that the bike has been locked.
Wait or call the phone number 040 328 210 or 099 732 9080.


There are bikes at the station but I cannot take any. Why?

This occurs when the system detects a fault or when the bike is not suitable for use and is therefore blocked. This condition displays a red cross on the parking stand indicator.


When does my responsibility for the bike end?

The user is responsible for the bike from the moment of taking it from the stand to the moment of returning the bike properly to the stand.